mardi 31 décembre 2013

Bonne Année 2014

Embarquement immediat pour le vol 2014 à 00H00 à destination du bonheur, durée du vol 365 jours, bagages autorises: santé, bonheur, argent, prospérité et amour et de paix pour vous tous et toutes .

Dedicace for you and To someone very very special

dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Oh God

Oh  God enrich my life
Its beauty
Enhance its beauty
Enhance it ....O God!
To see you abode
Give me Eyes
Give me thousands of eyes....O God
Its beauty ....Enhance its beauty
O God ! nrich my life
Evil eye has been cast in your world
Remove its evil effect ....O God
Enhance its beauty ....God
Oh God enrich my life....

mardi 24 décembre 2013


Family is the most fascinating thing happened in my life
Family is my Space, my life, my breath
Family is everything, is all thing.
When I fell sadness, Family makes me happy.
When I'm happy, family is also happy and excited .
Dad, Mom sisters and my brother
All are in my side
I feel lonely when i am far of them
They are my sense of existing
My strength , my weakness
They taught me to live Proud
They are the source of Happiness and Blessings
Without family there is nothing
You want to know the importance of family ask an orphan
And you will get an answer
Love you family before you lose it
May allah Protect my Family and your.

lundi 16 décembre 2013

Say Something

Sometimes we want to say something but we don't have strength
Our imagination is still working  Still memorizing someone
We think a lot but we are afraid of results
We try to do our effort
We try to express our feeling
Still have Hope
Still have ability, wish and everything positive
Memories are still present in our mind
It grows up with us every stage in our life.
It can be happy or sad
Try to learn from memories
Take the best and let the worst

samedi 14 décembre 2013

True love

There is no force in earth that can separate two souls if they are associated by true love.
A person who loves you will never let you go, he will stay beside you whatever you are , who you are he is always in your side until his last breath.
When you love someone truely try to respect him, protect him and believe on him.

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jeudi 5 décembre 2013


Today, i feel my self so tired. i'm bored . I don't know why.
My head is going to explose. It's like a bomb.
I didn't sleep well
I'm now at work i'm trying to do my best in my carreer i hope so realizing my dreams and wishes.

I found this picture and it gives me a smile at morning to continue my Day.